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North America Gallery:

Below you will find a small portion of our past North American work, organized into specific categories.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like a price quote for any of the following mounts.


Birds can be done  just about any way you would like them.  Upland or Waterfowl birds can look just as they did when flying through the air, or standing mounts are available to add a beautiful touch to any office, living room, or trophy room.

Upland Birds


Ruffed Grouse

Wild Turkey Gobbling

Migratory Waterfowl

Blue Phase Ross Goose Executive Mount

Gadwall on Desk Pedestal

Tundra Swan Executive Mount



Whether you caught a Mid-West River Runner, a Great Lake Lunker, Pond Pike, or even a Deep Sea Gulf fish, Sportsman's Taxidermy Studio is the place to bring your catch for the most life like fish mount, a necessity for your finned trophy.  We also have the capabilities of making replica mounts for those who practice Catch-and-Release. We would like from you the size, length, girth, or weight and a good color photo if available.

Sturgeon on Driftwood

Dolly Varden on Driftwood

Smallmouth Bass Stringer Mount

Replica 58" Muskellunge

Northern Pike Under Ice


Small Mammals and Furbearers

Regardless, if it was shot or trapped, small mammals  and furbearers are something special.  We offer life sized small mammal mounts and also tanning for rugs or wall skins.

Gray Fox with Habitat

Red Fox Desk Pedestal

Lynx with Habitat

Fisher and Pine Martin with Habitat

Bobcat Chasing Grouse with Habitat

Big Game

Bucks, Bulls, or Bears, they are all hard earned trophies.  Remember the hunt with a beautiful full shoulder

mount, front half mount, or even a life size mount.  Blend in the natural beauty from your hunt location

with a habitat setting or rock landscape.

Black Bear Pedestal with Habitat Base

Mountain Goat with Rock Habitat

Mountain Lion with Habitat

Whitetail Deer Grooming (Wall Pedestal)

Black Bear with a Dead Deer and Habitat

Whitetail Deer Pedestals With Habitat

Alaskan Brown Bear with Habitat

Big Horn Sheep with Oak Plaque

Leopard with Log Habitat

Stone Sheep with an Oak Trimmed Rock Habitat


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